Getting Fit: Are you IN or OUT?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in our lifestyles and that true for everyone across the world. However, the control measures for this pandemic has had many levels of impact us as well. Mainly on our psychological health, relationships, education, work, and other activities.
Staying indoors has resulted in a complete lack of physical activity, coupled with irregular diet patterns. Although we realize the need for physical activity, something as easy as walking into a gym has caused a complete a reevaluation of that step, given the importance social distancing we have observed over the past few months and has left us clamoring for other viable options.

So, what are the other options one can think of:

1. Walking
2. Running
3. Yoga
4. Home Workouts

None of these activities in isolation will either give you the satisfaction of working out or the results one expects after.

There is one option we may not think of right away but has been present for many years now. Some call them Outdoor Gyms or Open Gyms, Park Gyms or Garden Gyms. Surely, you have spotted some of these in public parks over the past few years. The benefits of using such gyms are innumerable.
Here are some of the benefits:

• Sunshine

 You will also reap the benefits of sunlight while you exercise outdoors. Fresh, Oxygen-Rich air and natural light stimulate the mind and body and provides more energy. Sunshine gives the vitamin D we need as well. Sunshine naturally boosts serotonin, a hormone that uplifts your mood.

• Social Interaction

One of the advantages of outdoor workouts that often gets ignored: If you are exercising outside, you are more likely to do it with someone. This improves the possibility of lowered stress levels and increased happiness, as some psychological studies state as the benefits of social interaction.

• Mental Health

Working out in an open gym or a garden gym has many mental health benefits over traditional gyms. The Open environment with fresh air and sunshine, allows the mind to relax and you tend to be more receptive to positive thoughts.

• Free of charge

Your local public park does not have an entry fee or a charge to use the equipment. Beats shelling out a large portion of your life savings on an annual gym membership.

While you start looking for options to workout in the open, please keep in mind the following:

1. Stay Hydrated – Keep Sipping on water throughout your workout
2. Social Distancing – Remember to Sanitize, Wear Marks and Protective Gear to safeguard yourself.
3. Sanitize the equipment before and after you use it.

We hope you look forward to start/resuming your fitness routine soon and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. Stay Natural, Stay Safe and Get Fit!

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