Creating inclusive play areas because everyone is exclusive! – Playground Equipment Suppliers

We at KOOCHIE Global are excited to branch out and foray into ‘Inclusive Play Areas’ that can potentially nurture interaction and can truly unite a community. Moreover, these play spaces are designed to encourage children of all physical and cognitive abilities to play, learn and grow together.

It is our honest opinion that outdoor play is an integral part of a child’s development and should be encouraged. At KOOCHIE Global, we are in alignment with the ‘UN Convention’ on the rights of a child to leisure, play and participate in cultural and artistic activities. With inclusive parks and playgrounds, we aim to provide such an environment that is not only child-friendly and secure but provides an equal opportunity to all . One such special feature is the wheelchair accessibility that recognises differences in abilities, skills and strength.


At KOOCHIE Global, much of our time, money and effort is spent on research, development and testing of our outdoor fitness and playground equipments . It makes us the only brand in India that has received the EN16630, EN1176, EN1177 certifications from “international notified bodies” such as TUV & SGS.


Safety – right from design stage

During the designing phase, utmost care is taken to ensure that a park has a suitable boundary walls to make sure children with short attention spans and related conditions do not wander off, similarly slide run offs, safe fall zones, critical fall heights, impact zones, entrapment areas etc are all taken care off to ensure that safety is never compromised while at the same time children are  kept actively engaged. Such safe play areas foster a stronger sense of empathy, positivity and foster social interactions too . Besides encouraging a cathartic experiences, the emotional benefits achieved in terms of self-esteem are invaluable.


After more than a decade of starting KOOCHIE Global, We can still proudly say that not a day goes by when we don’t innovate and work together to change the way this world plays! Looking back at the progress the world has made over the last decade is indeed inspiring but begs the question; Have we been too myopic in our understanding of the word progress? With child obesity rates steadily increasing across the globe, it is high time to introduce children to the joy of the outdoors and not their TV screens. It is our  firm belief that by introducing inclusive playgrounds across the globe, we will usher in a new era of outdoor play and fitness for the future generation.


 We’re changing the way this world plays!

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