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https://koochieplay.com/India is a country of constant flux and growth. With the rate at which cities are growing, industries are spreading and structures are changing under the ruse of socio economic change. Recent statistics claim that in India, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are responsible for 61% of all deaths in the country (approx. 5.8 million people) according to data released by WHO on September 18, 2017.

A recent WHO report states that approximately 62 million diabetic Indians are currently diagnosed with Hypertension. This is a prevalent problem which becomes manifest upon exposure to richer diets and consequent increase in body weight. The temporal trends point towards Indians having a genetic predisposition towards diabetes.


Fitness does not mean being a diet fanatic and hitting the gym regularly, According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fitness is defined as ‘the ability to carry out daily tasks with vigour and alertness, without undue fatigue, and with ample energy to enjoy leisure time pursuits and respond to emergencies.’

In order to live a wholesome and fulfilling life, one must consistently address their fitness levels by incorporating activities such as walking and cycling into their daily schedules. The longer the amount of time an individual spends in exercising with exposure to greeneries and fresh air, the more benefits he/she will reap. Exercising in natural environments is associated with greater feelings of revitalization, increased energy and positive engagement, together with decreases in tension, confusion, anger and depression.

Playground Equipment design

We at Koochie Global believe that by revolutionizing the approach to health and fitness for the public, we can help bolster preventive health care, and thusly improve people’s standard of living. We offer an exotic range of ‘customised-made-to-order’ structures that are manufactured in world class facilities the world over, in conjunction with our global design centre in Chennai, India. Providing functional equipment which can help you and your family get healthy while also retaining the fun of a playground is our end-goal.

For Children

We plan to create/design world class, international safety standard certified children’s playground equipment which includes multi-level play systems. Modules such as swings and slides are well known, but the importance of rock walls and monkey bars are often overlooked, while they give some of the greatest benefits seen in exercise equipment. A lot of thought goes into designing equipment that help develop various skills in children. In this way, the exposure to a multi-sensorial environment not only fosters overall development in children, and provides for hands-on learning experiences.

For Adults

Outdoor equipment installed in parks are not an exclusively child-centric affair. They can be installed in parks, residential complexes, resorts et cetera, and form an important part of any city. We encouraged wholesome development by installing products which not only facilitate play, but also foster exercise and self-improvement. The use of these equipment makes exercise available to all while encouraging the use of green spaces, healthier living, social interaction and fitness and most importantly getting people outdoors. These units can be installed in a variety of public locations such as residential condominiums, public parks, beaches, school campuses, playgrounds, resorts, hotels, and many more.

We aim to cater to niche and super premium projects that look to provide breath taking, state of the art, uniquely customized themed play space for their patrons. With the themed designs and attractive yet functional equipment, we hope to add to all our present offerings, and bring about greater value to our existing customer and client base.

Our Efforts

Today, thousands of people across the city of Bangalore can now use the trademark blue KooFIT GYMS that the city sports. Our outdoor fitness gyms are specially designed & engineered to allow people of all ages and gender to easily use the equipment and enjoy immense benefits, thus resulting in healthier communities. Thanks to the local authorities, these parks and playgrounds are now accessible to the public free of cost.

We are humbled and bolstered by the testimonials and commendations we have gotten from some of the leading architects and entrepreneurial organizations of the country, from inaugurations by famous names to awards that we’ve been given for our services. We will continue to provide safe and fun ways to stay healthy and have fun.

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